1.1. About me

1.2. Amateur Radio

Amateur Radio is a non comertial radio service which empowered huge discoveries that enabled our modern communication techniques. The field of Amateur Radio is extremely fast and reaches from international understanding to technical insight when building your own transmitters. The radio waves can be transmitted over high frequency with worldwide coverage because of our ionized atmosphere or over ever higher frequencies, which are commonly used for trunked radio communications.

1.3. Satellites

Satellites allow us to see our world from above, therefore we can examine our planet more precisely. Those satellites send out data available to everyone with compatible hardware. Amateur radio has always been leading edge when it comes to hight tech innovation and research, for that reason groups of Amateurs have build several satellites that orbit our earth every minuit. Those satellites can be used for communication data, voice and even chess games. A recent breakthrought is the so called QO 100 Satellite that is in a geo stationary orbit and does not move on our sky. It can handle voice and Amateur Televion transmittions.

1.4. About nereid


Nereid is one of the outermost of Neptune's known moons and is among the largest. Nereid is unique because it has one of the most eccentric orbits of any moon in our solar system.



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